ATypI Dublin NEW "Starving Student" rate

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Starving Student (no-meals, no big dinner event) rate

Only available to full-time students

To especially appeal to local students with limited budgets, we made this cheaper by NOT including: lunches, opening reception, and the big dinner out at Guinness. It still includes (non-lunch) snacks and refreshments, and the opening keynote. Not to mention the regular talks and conference.

If you're a full-time student and have already registered, you may downgrade to the "Starving Student" package by contacting

- 5 days full conference: $270 or
- 3 days main conference: $170 or
- 2 days PreFace: $150

Check it out at:

These rates are less than half the "late registration" rate currently in effect for students/associates. See the registration page for details.

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That certainly is great news.

Personally, I'm still waiting for my "I can't get to Copenhagen because of the 9/11 attacks, refund of my conference fee". But hey its only been a few years.

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Become a full time student and bring you own lunch, you'll be in the black within a few years.

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James, you didn't opt for the Bin Laden Corporation Travel Insurance?!


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