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(x) 'Sans-Serif, Technical' Name Stamp ID - alternatives {Mike Y}

Could someone help ID this? It is a picture of a name stamp out of an old textbook. Sorry for the poor quality. Notice the center vertex of the 'M' above baseline, straight comma, and circular period. Thanks for the help!


There is not necessarily a correlation between lettering in a stamp and a font. Especially in the pre-digital era, stamps were made without digital fonts (of course), and only needed a set of dies/molds to be made.

How 'old' is this textbook, just out of curiosity?

- Mike Yanega

I'm assuming this is probably NOT a digital font, and trying to find similar looks. Le Havre might look pretty close if you compress it graphically and modify the R.

- Mike Yanega

North from Wilton Foundry is also a similar look.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks for the help! Now that I think about how old the book is, it makes sense that I haven't been able to find a font...I feel stupid! The book was used around 1980. Thanks again!