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Better web typography with OpenType features

Now that webfonts are supported by all major browsers, more and more professional fonts are available for web linking. These fonts usually contain a large set of OpenType features, which are only accessible in OpenType-savvy applications like InDesign, Illustrator or QuarkXPress. Browsers have barely supported such advanced typographic features so far. But with the latest Beta of Firefox 4 this is about to change …


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I will love to see OT features supported in all mayor browsers !!!!!

Firefox (3.5+) already support ligatures (enabled by default), but most web-fonts have then removed when making the "optimized" version of the web.

Google is now serving my Lobster (1.4) including the all the ligatures, and you can compare how it looks in Firefox vs all the other browsers, and will spot the difference.

Have a look at this site, for example, in different browsers: http://bodesigns.com/