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Zvi Narkiss

Sad news from Israel: Ẓvi Narkiss, designer of many outstanding Hebrew typefaces, died a few days ago. He was 89 years old.

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That is extremely sad and disappointing. Is there a memorial for him and his work?

I just began studying Hebrew type design, and wanted to contact him.... I suppose that wont be possible anymore.

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I contacted Henri Friedlaeder before his demise.

Itamar David (is he alive), Henri Friedlaeder zal, and Ẓvi Narkiss zal, were supreme Hebrew type designers, each from Europe.

Frederik Goudy claims the famous and extremely popular Romm family printing press Vilna and Rashi typefaces were cut by Bodoni's students in Italy, based upon ancient drawings from earlier periods of the disapora.

These designs predate the popular misconception of dating them from the invention of the printing press. Also, the so called invention of block print was actually much earlier.

Yet, there are those who prefer to believe all Wiki incorrect scholarship they read on the Internet.

For serious typography resource, dig into the collections at RIT's library (RIT is funded by the CIA for subterranean image tracking - nuclear weapons under ground) and those in Paris. Scott, where?

I lived in Rochester, NY, very near RIT (NY's MIT - what MIT is in mathematics, RIT is in imaging, type, print, and paper.

I saw actual historical documents, samples, and amazing maps, showing how nuclear weapons under ground for example could by determined from two images taken about ground in a jet at two opposite 45 degree angles, using custom plug-ins to Adobe Photoshop. The software could "remove" the surface dirt and identify the exact spot of the nuclear weapons under ground by tracking its infrared 'heat'.

Similarly, this technology is used for 'reading' the Dead Sea Scrolls, and archaeology.

I also gathered there information that my family ancestors supplied the Romm family printing press with a 50 year very multi-million ruble paper contract from the department head, who was the world expert on paper.

Bill, forget Wiki, and fly to Rochester for a week.