Technical sans font for long text

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This is font made by Dalton Maag for ThyssenKrupp. It looks great in long texts. Can someone recommend similar font? I thought about obvious choices like Fago or Stroudley. But they do not have this „DINish feel”. Stroudley is almost perfect but its regular weight is a way too thick for my taste. Do you have any suggestions?

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Since you want a «DINish feel», what about FF DIN?

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I do not like DIN as a body typeface. This font is like a perfect marriage between technicality of DIN and humanistic feel. Another advantage of this typeface is it's narrow. Not condensed but narrow enough to work great in long documents. But as I see I am too picky:)

Ahs, why not Fago? Because fago is insanely expensive.

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FF Unit perhaps.

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Not so Din-ish but my ClearviewText works great as a text face. John Berry writing in Creative Pro commented that ClearviewOne, its Type1 predecessor "reads astonishingly well as a text face".

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There are a bunch of FFs that could be right up your alley. John mentioned FF Unit above, maybe also look at FF Sanuk or FF Clan.
You might also like Breuer Text.
I'd also second National – I wouldn't necessarily call it «technical», but it does work for text and is a very nice font.

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This seems very comparible to the thyssen-font.

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Just released: Sense

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Stroudley seems to be a strange crossover of Frutiger Condensed and Vectora. If you like it I suggest having a look at these two.

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May I recommend Frank, by Miles Newlyn:

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Personally, I don't like any sans for extended text. But if I had to, I'd certainly include Vestra as one to consider.

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