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Hi everyone !

Here my new personal logo for my website (freelance graphic design). Comments and opinions are highly appreciated :)

thanks ,

p.s.: I'm sorry if I double post , but I just noticed I went in the wrong section with the first one.

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The e is very comaprible to what they did in the Heineken logo, but doesn't work this way. Secondly, helvetica is used so often it doesn't give any distinction to a logo, so I'd say use a more distinctive font. Have a look at the myfonts bestseller list. There's a lot of good relatively cheap fonts.

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I agree with 1996type. The e is wrong... and the font you've used as the tagline looks stretched into place.

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i think is the safest way possible, there's nothing to criticize about it beyond the "e" and the tagline, but its not really offensive ugly.
I understand that building oneself's logo is the most difficult work one could ever have. (i havent done mine yet, because i never get to like something).

Try risking for something more you. :) you will succeed

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Why Helvetica? Why the tagline in a different sans-serif font? Why the tilted "e" ? It makes litle sense to me. Try with another sans serif (maybe futura), setting the tag line in the same font. The "+" could be used in the "e" as a graphic element. Anyway, good luck.

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