Need help building CE glyphs

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Need help building CE glyphs

Would anyone be so kind to help me with my problem: how to build a CE font with all of these Central European characters such as a ogonek, e ogonek and so on? I use Fontographer 4.5, I drew all the glyphs, but when it comes to generating a font — I am helpless. My font works perfectly on screen, but when I tried to use it in InDesign and print something, it just didn’t work.

I am really desperate, so I would appreciate any kind of help. many thanks in advance.

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Fontographer is not the best tool to create CE fonts. I am afraid you’ll have to do fonts in FontLab. The only way to create working Type 1 fonts with CE characters in Fontographer is to name all glyphs correctly: a ogonek as “aogonek”, C caron as “Ccaron” etc. You have to rename all glyphs manualy. Also the order of glyphs is important, it should follow the order in CE encoding for Mac (Mac CE) or PC (CP 1250).