(x) Jackie Brown - Cabernet Swash {Mike Freiman}

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Although all of your characters aren’t shown in the preview, it appears that Jason Walcott was clearly working to imitate your font in his creation Cabernet Swash.

Perhaps you could e-mail him for a more comprehensive character map image?

Indeed my recently completed “Cabernet” family is a digital revival of the Caslon Black Swash. It should be released for sale by Veer sometime in the next couple months. I thought it was a nice face that should be readily available in digital form.
Jason Walcott/Jukebox

Great Mike! Thanks!
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Rather than a couple of months, you should only have to wait two or three weeks, Ignacio. Cabernet will be available on the Veer site around the late middle of August. We’re just trying to clear out a few thousand other products in the publishing queue first. Watch this space.