Just for fun

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I did this just for fun. I'm not sure about the C & K & due to working on a grid there are a few kerning issues. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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It's very difficult to read. It looks like it says "The Chew Black". Get rid of some of those curves and perhaps watch how you join the letters together. Also, the link between the C and the K in "Black" looks wrong... the curve of the C doesn't fit well with the K. The C also looks too wide compared to the rest of the letters.

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For the 'CK' connection, what about extending the 'C' when it becomes tangent to the top arm of the 'K'? This would smooth out the curve considerably. You may need to go with a T-junction in the 'K' arms rather than the V that you have now.

I also think that the 'N' doesn't work. Maybe move "THE" up.

- Lex

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