Sid Vicious/Millenium (Can anyone please help identify the following two fonts?)


I'm having a most difficult time trying to identify the two fonts used in the graphic below. I was hoping someone with a lot more expertise could offer some help.

For Sid Vicious, it looks almost like Machine with a few of the points altered. Can anyone confirm that?

And for the Millenium Man text, I'm just lost all-around on this one.

The image itself, if it helps any is from a (c)2001 OOP VHS release from the Turner library.

Anything you could advise is most definitely appreciated. Thank you.


"Sid Vicious" is Diamante, probably Extra Bold that's been manually squished.


Thank you McLellan. I hate it when my mind draws a blank like that. The kicker is, I even have this on my PC from a previous project.

Anyway, cheers to you. Thanks.