DJs logo critique please!!

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I have these 3 friends that have a DJ Crew, they started making parties in the college dorms, when they were the dorms staff. So thats why their company is name THE STAFF. They play latin, hip hop, techno, everything music. They have had this logo for about 2 or 3 years but they think its too boring and complicated to use. So i'm in charge of refreshing it.

This is my first proposal, i think it can work but at the same time i think something is missing.

Comments, suggestions and hard critique is always welcome :)

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I like it, but New Orleans is spaced a bit to tight.

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I like the old one better. I think the logo you've come up with is a little confusing and even misleading--the entire composition doesn't seem to 'grab' me the same way the other one does. I think you should play around with it or show us some variations so we can better help.

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thank you!

@fath, the problem with the old one is the usage, they cannot use the entire logo always, because of some brushes behind the St circle.

Im posting the new proposals in a few hours for you to help me :)

thank you guys...

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Hi again!! i was looking for some variations in typography and this are the ones i liked the most. At first i liked the round-chunky type i was using but i thought it could simplificate a little...until i got to #5...

please comment and critique which logo you like best :)

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