First attempt at designing typeface

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I am new to Typophile and was just hoping I could please get some feedback on my first attempt at designing a typeface.

Any advice/constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.


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I think it's quite good for a first attempt, but there are many more fonts like this. You should look up those fonts and make sure your font is clearly different.

A font like this should also work great at pixel level. Say 8 pnts without anti-aliasing. To make this happen you should stick to a grid of 8 by 8 in your font-editor.

It seems your strokes don't have the same thickness everywhere, e.g. the middle horizontal stroke in a and e is to thick. This might also be an optical illusion, but in that case you should also change it. You should also have another look at the @.

Good luck!

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cool, thanks for the tips!


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For a first attempt this is great. I definitely agree with 1996type that you should make sure that this typeface is clearly different than others in the genre.
Great first attempt though.

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I think the 'K' and 'k' look out of place due to the sharp 45 degree angles that don't appear anywhere else. Maybe make them a little closer to the 'X' and 'x'.

Also the 'Z' and '7' look like they've had their corners sliced off, but the '3' and 'z' do not.

- Lex

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Weldon you have done a fantastic job. But you need to work hard for you work. Keep it up.

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