is this even a font?

looks like it's based from avent garde, no?


I can't make an ID, I'm afraid, but I can offer some hope that it's a font - the like characters are mostly identical or with small mods, which could easily be ligatures or alternates.

Also of note is the fact that the type is used on Kristiansson's single "Lilla London" (, and seems to be accompanied by a simple variant of this decked-out face. This might indicate that the simple version is the flagship and the decorative version a member of the family.

That said, it's possible that it IS a font, but not a commercially available one. If no-one can make a positive ID, you might consider finding out who designed the album art and associated promo material and contacting them directly.


EDIT: OK, here's a quote from the designers' Flickr page.

"Lundgren+Lindqvist designed Anton’s full identity, including logotype, custom typography, web presence and the cover for his single ‘Lilla London’ (Little London)."

No dice, then.