The makers of Hebrew books in Italy

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Just to let you all know: the work of David Werner Amram “The makers of Hebrew books in Italy” is freely available online: There are also samples of the works within the pdf.

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Thank you for this post and the link.

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According to Goudy. the unique versions of the traditional square letters, known as "Vilna" or "Siddur", were cut by Bodoni's students in Italy, based upon ancient drawings.

Yet, the great type designer and well-versed scholor, Scott-Martin Kosofsky, claims that these are fictitious tales fabricated by Goudy, who was known for his tall tales.

I think here Kesofsky may be wrong, and owe Goudy's memory an apology.

The letter forms belonging to Menachem Mann Romm appear to be influenced by Bodoni's unique style. Furthermore, his square letter designs are different than all other Vilna renditions. These two facts seem to substantiate Goudy's version, whether he was privy to these historical details, or determined them by analyzing the popular Tslmudic letter designs.

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I bought a recent book on eBay (from about 75 years ago) on Hebrew Publishing in Italy.

I'll give you more details later.

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