Help ID this typeface please

I've been searching all over for this one. I believe the "O" is custom letter, but the "A" definitely has the open crossbar.

Thanks in advance!



Something which we could have easily spotted if a better title was used, like "MASCIO'S serif?"

Come on, folks, please TRY to think of a unique title for your posts. The people trying to help you can never find them again, if they all say some form of "Help ID this typeface".

- Mike Yanega

Just to further pursue my rant on the topic, there are currently 13 out of 48 threads, which is more than 1/4 of them on the first page of this Forum, with some variation of "Help ID this font". There is no information about what style of font it is (serif, script, sans, cartoon, brush, etc), there is no mention of where it's from, and there is no identifying word (or words) from the sample itself.

Sure, you can find your own thread, because it has your name on it, but do you expect us to remember who asks each question?

If you are guilty of this form of Volunteer Abuse, you can go and edit your own subject line to make it easier to find them a few hours or days later, when we stumble across the answer, but can't figure out which "Please ID this" we were working on.

I wish there was a way for the thread input form to reject a post without a descriptive title, or maybe flash a giant reminder: "DOES YOUR TITLE MENTION SOMETHING SPECIFIC ABOUT DETAILS OF YOUR SAMPLE? (SEE FAQ)"

- Mike Yanega