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Hey guys,

I`m developing a font for an education magazine for my final university project. This is my first time making a font, so I would be very happy if you could give me some feedback. It`s a sans serif for headlines, and still with no name (taking suggestions). The kerning and metrics aren`t done yet. I recommend the PDF for better view.

Thanks a lot!

especimen_curvas_papaleo.pdf382.66 KB
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David, this is great stuff! You obviously have great talent for type design, my compliments (as one amateur to another).

A few remarks:
/m/ looks a little too wide
/S/ and /s/ look a little too wide and tilted to the left
upper bowl of /S/ and /s/ could be narrower (looks upsidedown)
/N/ could use more contrast (make verticals narrower and diagonal fatter)

You say this is for headlines so I understand is quite bold, but I'd really like to see a regular version! Can't wait for the numerals either!

Keep going!

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This is really really charming. I like the slight assymetry to the counters and the caps are very strong. A few little things:
The /a/ counter seems a little squarish when compared to the /q/ and /d/.
The /z/ is heavier than the other lowercase letters, maybe thin the diagonal?
There seems to be some inconsistency in your corners, some are rounded like the bottom most corners of the /c/ and /e/ and whereas most end in points.
I agree with Jean Paul that the /s/ and /S/ are top heavy and lean to the left.

Despite that nitpicking, it's a very good design and I'm interested in seeing how it develops.


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Thanks a lot for the comments Jean Paul and Doc! Really aprecciate it.

I`ll make some changes today based on your comments and send again so you see if it`s better.

Paul, I plan on doing a regular and light weight, and maybe a text version as well.

Thanks again, and good day to you!

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Neat stuff. I'll have a closer look and get back to you with crit in a couple of weeks hopefully.

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What a strong first go.

The P calls rather a lot of attention to itself. It may be a "murder your darlings" situation. If you won't close it, maybe at least it shouldn't taper quite so much.

The diagonal of capital Z is also a bit heavy.

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This is really funky, lowercase is especially charming.

Q has just poked me in the eye — its tail.
Ss is falling backwards a bit.
u may benefit from a couple of units narrowing.
Ear of g is singing a different tune (angle of terminal).
Word space looks a bit narrow.
R may be too narrow. Bowl could be larger.
Counter of A could have a higher apex to avoid dark spot.
Crossbar of F is usually a notch lower than on E.
Contrast on stems of U could balance more.
Head of t looks dark.
Acute accents need better positioning. a needs further left, u further right.

Is this a bold/semibold weight?

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This looks really funky indeed!
Apart from everything above, here's what I see:
IMO vwxz could use a bit more funkyness. Try curving them a bit (more).
e seems too wide
c also too wide
o too small

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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sorry. edit: e looks too SMALL. not wide.

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I think Jasper means narrow, not small. In Dutch 'smal' means 'lean, narrow'.

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Yes your right Jean Paul, thanks for correcting me.

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