VTF: a free & open source foundry

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VTF is a free & open source foundry producing open source & free typefaces.

More than 30 typefaces are already available!


Typeface above: coqnegre perspective, a futurist fraktur typeface

Typeface above: babbage, a fancy futurist typeface

Typeface above: pompidou, a serif futurist typeface


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Looks great, just if there is a more easier way to preview the fonts :)

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You're right. Here is a catalogue. It will be more convenient.


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Thanks, though I was thinking on something more convenient in the website itself instead of having to click on a preview link that takes you to another page.

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I understand, it would be great for sure ; in the meanwhile, there is a specific flickr set : http://www.flickr.com/photos/hermars/sets/72157624700837196/

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Some of the personal fonts are actually pretty awesome. I wish those were available.

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