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Unrecognized Calligraphic Font, Please Help

Have anyone never seen this font?

I looked around but can't recognize, can somebody help me?
(in attach more big)

Thanks in advance
Best Regards


I've looked at a lot of script fonts in the past 40 minutes, and I'm coming to the opinion that this is not a commercial font. There are some poorly drawn letters here, especially the X, P, L and T. Also I seem to notice that the left stroke of the F, H, I and K are nearly identical shapes, and the U, V W and Y all start with a uniform left side. The basic style of the letters I would call a copperplate script (though that may not be the right term), but I can find none of them anywhere with a rounded W like this. This U, V, W, Y looks more like Murray Hill than any copperplate script.

Looking at the lower case letters, I almost thought they were from a German script like Kunstler Schriebschrift, but the k is wrong, among other differences.

I think this may be an amateur attempt to create a font, based on some ideas borrowed from various formal pen scripts, and using copied elements to simplify the creation process.

Where did this sample come from?

- Mike Yanega

It looks like someone attempted to make a "French" version of Künstler. The differences are quite clearly influenced by the French "ronde", particularly the rounded W, the X and the T. It's not a great job, sadly there are no commercial font versions of that handwriting style.

closest i see thus far is Sterling Script. plenty of alternates and swash characters to go with it, so might work out for you. possibly even the basis of your sample?