Body text to go with Klavika

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I need to typeset a series of training manuals (life skills coaching). The client uses Klavika as their corporate font. I'm not sure if I should just use Klavika for the body text - it might get a bit much – or look at something else.
The client would prefer to stay with a sans serif.
Any recommendations much appreciated.


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Klavika is a great font - but for long text avoid sans.
Maybe try Adelle as a match (and its Italic rules).


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Adelle is a beauty, I'm a sucker for slabby italics.

There is not much text, most pages will have a large graph or diagram

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Vista Slab is another slab serif -- which, being a bit sans-like, I can imagine the client being talked into even though they prefer sans -- and I think it captures some of the verticality of Klavika. Adelle looks like a nicer face in its own right though IMHO. I'd also consider TheSerif.

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