Rokkan "R" + need some similar fonts

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I'm looking for some sans fonts with thick (bold/black), wide, low x-height capital letters. Some ideas I've tried already are Neutra Display, Agenda Black, Nevis... along those lines. I often see these fonts with wide kerning as subtext in logos.

I know this is only one letter, but very similar to Rokkans R:
(If anyone knows that specific R that would be great too)

I will find some more examples. Sorry if this is the wrong thread to post in.

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The R is similar to Klavika Bold, but not exactly.

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When you say "low x-height capital letters" I presume you mean low-waisted, where the crossbars are below the midline of the letter. (x-height refers to the lower case letters, specifically the height of 'x', as compared to the height of upper case letters and ascenders. Bernhard Modern is an example of a low-x-height typeface, i would say).

You might consider fonts from the Aviano family. Or Blair or Flatiron or Engravers Gothic. These often show up in places like you described. If you want more 'techno', such as Klavika, then look for squarish futuristic fonts.

- Mike Yanega

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That is what I mean, thanks for the correction Mike. And also the suggestions.

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I work at Rokkan. The font was custom :)

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Gotham wears his waist low, as does Typeface Six, Blender, Normetica & Simple by Lineto. Have a look at Eagle Bold, Lionel Classic or Nobel Black, too.

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