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Logo for new company

I've been working on a new logo for a firm of independent mortgage brokers and financial consultants. The company work mostly within the construction and property sectors, and their name was made up from scratch, having no real meaning.

They wanted something clean, corporate, and professional, and a logo that would inspire confidence in their clients.

I'm only working in black for now, but would appreciate any feedback, particularly on the choice of typeface. I wanted a face that would reflect the simplicity and geometric nature of the 'EC' icon, but the more I look at it the more I'm unsure that Bank Gothic is right.


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I like the mark a lot! As for the type, I understand why you chose bank gothic, its based on geometric forms, however, it was designed quite some time ago (Bauhaus era) and has an indefinable 'old' quality to it...at least in the eyes of designers :)...if you want to use a 'squarish' geometric face I would recommend something like the new H&FJ face Forza or you can go with typefaces that are slightly more humanistic in nature as opposed to the technical/mechanical look and feel of Bank Gothic or FB Agency, such as Klavika, Sentico Sans or Klint pro. The last kind of faces I would recommend would be the geometric sans of late such as Gotham, Proxima Nova or other similar faces (do a MyFonts search for geometric sans).