Sanskrit / Bengali Fonts - Latest on opensource / FOSS ones?

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Has there been developments in this area lately?

Where to find opensource / foss sanskrit/bengali fonts please?

Is Lohit same in quality/quantity?

Are the fonts covering also vedic texts?

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what is FOSS?

what do you mean by 'same in quality/quantity'?

what, specifically, are you looking for in terms of vedic text support?

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Quality of the design and the designer/s. Quantity meaning as much of the the different writing elements included.

Being able to change fonts on a scripture text.

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Regarding open source fonts for Indian scripts, the Lohit family is the only one that I am aware of (and I have looked around quite a lot).

Regarding quality of design of the Lohit fonts: it seems to be consistent across all scripts. Regarding quantity, i'm not sure what you mean exactly, but the glyph counts of the fonts are not identical, but a minimal functioning set for each script is included in the Lohit fonts.

Regarding the ability to set scriptural text, it depends on what the text is and if you are looking for certain characters in particular.

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typo error: 2 times "the" - cannot correct on it as timed out

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I have posted here a while ago at Typophile forum with another username and as I was in a hurry to post recently I registered with this username. See

At that time I was told: "CDAC's Yogesh and Jana Sanskrit would be your best bets in terms of outlines, design, etc" dan_reynolds 4.Feb.2008 1.11pm

Are CDAC's font FOSS and what license are they?

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