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Boucherie - beautiful signage from France

A friend of mine got this from a fleamarket in Normandie/France. Must be from the 50s. I’m not asking for an ID since this is obviously custom made. But maybe someone knows something about this kind of wonky style or of similar looking typefaces. Any input is appreciated.


If ever there were an argument for the use of hand-rendering over typesetting, that would be it. It's lovely - you must be terribly jealous! It actually reminds me of med 20th century American design; in fact, the "B" recalls the "R" from the Reese's logo, the second "e" resembles the Coca-Cola ribbon, and the looseness reminds me of 40s "speedway" type similar to Leslie Cabarga's Streamline.

As far as similar stuff goes, I'm certainly no expert on scripts, but Schizotype's release of last year, Astroboy, has an idiosyncratic, loopy air about it. Whether it's of any use to you, Jan, is another question!



what a lovely find!

Looks like the love-child of Choc and Mistral.
(To suggest an incestuous parenting :-/ !)