Be-Ro Flour typeface identification

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I am wondering if you can help. I'm trying to find out if the font for the Be-Ro logo is a custom font or if it is a typeface.

If you can identify any of the other fonts used, that'd be great too, although don't worry as it's mainly for personal curiosity.

Any help would be appreciated,


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Bottom line looks like CG Triplett (a relative to Friz Quadrata)

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the fonts :) Can anyone else identify the rest of the fonts on the package?

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Just a guess, but the rest of the type might be hand lettered. "Be-Ro" wouldn't be difficult. "Self-Raising" might have been drawn based on Triplett Light, as they're very similar.

The other 2 lines ("Flour" and "For...") are clearly hand lettered.

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