Serif font with large X value

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Hi, I'm looking for a serif or slab font with a large x value to use on a magazine cover. The text is just 2 letter: RH, and I would like it to form a rectangle standing on its smallest side. The magazine is a business publication, so there is a concern on it looking serious. Anyone have any suggestions?

My typeface knowledge is pretty thin, so please feel free to quote obvious choices. So far I've come up with things like Palatino, Weiss and Minion. But I' not sure I'm on the right track.


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Look for "compressed" fonts. Maybe something like Rocky Compressed?

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Guardian Text (from Commercial Type), Cordale (from Dalton Maag) and Meta Serif (from FontFont) are fonts with large x-height.

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As the links provided by Freiberger show, x-height is a value used for the lowercase.
As Craig (eliason) said, if you are going to use uppercase letters, you should ask compressed, condensed, narrow, or tall, capitals.

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Thank you, very useful advice and examples, now I know what to look for.

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If the logo requirement is two uppercase letters, RH, why do you need a font design with a large x-height?

And even if the logo is made up of two lowercase letters, why care about the x-height to Uppercase proportion?

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Iowan Old Style is a traditional design but with a large x-height.
And if you count flare serifs it's hard to beat Poppl-Laudatio.


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