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Hi everyone,

I would love a critique of the typeface I'm developing for my honours project this year. The two fonts below are the display cuts in an extra-bold and light weight. It's going to be used as part of an identity system for an artist-run initiative in Melbourne. Previously they were using Reader for headlines and Parry Grotesque for body copy. The naivety and clunkiness of early British grotesques was the formal starting point.

This is my first proper foray in to type design and I've yet to go through kerning pairs so forgive any awkward combinations. Love to hear your impressions, criticism, suggestions.


Jones Display Light v1.pdf80 KB
Jones Display ExtraBold v5.pdf71.79 KB
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I like it a lot. Very lively yet still typographic.

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A nice start, although I think the style difference is too big. They look like two similar typefaces to me. The Extra bold weight looks much wider. But it's a good start... I would start by making the regular/medium master weight. Good luck.

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