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I've been working this font for a while now, and now that I've finally sketched out all the letters, I'd really appreciate some critique on the overall design of the letters before I move on to spacing/kerning/doing more weights.

In the design, I've tried to mimic several features of monospaced typefaces, keeping the typeface condensed, however allowing wider charecters like m, M, w and W.

I guess its not a good thing that I created the Bold weight first, but I guess a way to make it into a whole familiy would be to make a Light weight, and then use interpolation to create a Regular weight.

I hope you'll like it, but please do not hesitate to point out the weak parts of it.

Thanks in advance,


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Strong work.
The reach of f and t makes them look significantly less condensed than the rest of the face.
To me, s looks like it may be leaning a tiny bit to the right.
The ceiling of P and R sags a little; I'd extend the horizontal curve-handles.

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Thanks for your comments Kevin they have been helpful,

Here's an update. You were totally right about the width of f and t. My changes are subtle, but should make a difference.
I did some corrections on P, R, s aswell and finished the nordic glyphs and some more punctuation.

Next step would be to do alot of laser prints and check the widths of the stems/curves. Unless there are more design issues?

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The last line is suppose to say Straightflush!

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