Hotel Typeface in Alsace

Looking to identify this. Tweet me if you know what it is. My twitter handle is @bwaggoner. If you ID it correctly, I'll send you a HOOK t-shirt. Thanks!

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It's Dieter Steffman's Devinne Swash, horizontally squished.


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Please send me your size & Address, my friend. Thanks indeed. @bwaggoner on twitter.

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Heh- I live in Britain, sir. But you're welcome anyway.

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the font is Devinne Ornamented from Stephenson Blake. I made the font in 1968.
Bob Trogman
Facsimile Fonts

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Thanks for the background, Robert. Does that make Devinne Swash a "revival", an "homage" or a "ripoff"?

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NJ, haven't checked in in a bit. I'm happy to send you a shirt. Feel free to email me.

If a shirt won't suit you. We have lovely mugs for tea.

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