P22 Announces New Release for September - Flora Mambo

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P22 Type Foundry proudly announces the release of P22 Flora Mambo, a set of fonts based on the distinctive style of 20th century illustrator Jim Flora.

Most widely known for his Jazz album covers of the 1940s & 50s, Flora's style shows his fantastic imagination and bold graphic style. The P22 Flora Mambo font set contains a two-part font that allows you to achieve two-color text in the style of Flora’s iconic 1955 album design “Mambo for Cats” as well as a set of 72 “Flornaments.”

Most computer fonts are limited to a single color. With P22 Flora Mambo, two colors can be achieved in any layout program. The main font, P22 Flora Mambo, is a quirky hand rendered sans serif face and can be used by itself. Used in combination, the second font, P22 Flora Mambo B, can be used to create a second color in the style of "Mambo for Cats" and is not intended to be used by itself.

Also included in this set are 72 “Flornaments” featuring a variety of Flora's illustrative styles from his Jazz album covers to children's books to his fine art prints.

The fonts contained in the P22 Flora Mambo Set are licensed through the Estate of James Flora and JimFlora.com.

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