Geotica released by exljbris Font Foundry

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The idea behind Geotica was to build a font out of -more or less- simple geometrical line elements. The open wire frame could then be left open or (partially) filled.

Geotica comes in four different grades or line thicknesses (One, Two, Three and Four) so it’s suitable for a broad use. Each grade has four styles and is loaded with swashes, final forms, lots of ligatures and ornaments. There are 16 fonts in total.

More info on availability you can find > here.
Also don't forget to have a look at the pdf attached below.

Hope you like it!

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super Jos!

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This kicks ass. See you in a few days!

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Looking forward to Dan!

Thanks all!

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Very cool font!

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I'm really excited about this. Congratulations, Jos! (& see you soon!)

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Wonderful work!

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Thanks Tom & Bill!

Nina, thanks! Looking forward to seing you too. Maybe we should all have a Guiness together :)

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Very charming. Congrats!

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Thank you, Craig!

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Excellent; congratulations on another release.

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Congrats, Jos! Looks like a top seller to me!

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Chris, I knew you were a playful character, but you keep amazing me! :) Thanks!

Thanks James! (Hope you got my email).

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Doing this reminds of how easy production art is these days compared to my earlier years. This took me 20 minutes this morning. In the 1970s, it would have been days of film neg opaquing and reversing with even more time doing camera ready art, followed by:
Reverse board art and come back as Pantone 123, surprint layer B as Pantone 456 printed last. Print layer C first as Pantone 789 and Spread to trap. Do not choke hairlines on overlay A. Dull varnish board art and Reprint layer A as gloss varnish. Must see composite proof before printing. See you at press check...

Best wishes and continued success, Jos!


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Beautiful stuff!

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Thanks Yotam.

Great story, Chris! :)

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Wonderful job, Jos! You are the best.

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Wish I was, but reading it sure felt good :) Thanks!

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This makes me super excited for Questa!

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I think I'll leave out the TV for a few days and watch Geotica instead. Amazingly great work, Jos!

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Great, Andrew. It will take a still take a while though.

Robin, I did that too :) Thanks!

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Very nice, Jos!

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Fantastic work Jos!

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> Maybe we should all have a Guiness together :)

We're gonna need more than one.

Jos, congrats on a very cool release!


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Beautiful, this looks like fun! Looking forward to finding a suitable project for it.

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Thanks a lot Nick, David & Mili!

> We're gonna need more than one.
Also another "n" I noticed :) First round is on me! Thanks, Hrant!

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Congratulations from Kolkata, Jos. This has turned out really beautifully ;)

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Thanks, Ben! Kolkata must be a tremendous place to be. Holidays?

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Very nice :)

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Thank you, Gornji.

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I still don't see this on MyFonts. I wonder what the holdup is?

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Apparently they missed my first email. I hope that it will be live tomorrow or the day after...

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A swing and a miss! :-)

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Big round of applause from here. Wow. Good job.

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Impressive work. Congratulations!

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A technical term in classical aesthetics: SWEEETTTTTTT !!!!!

Mikey :-)

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Many thanks Alex, André & Mike!


It's finally live at MyFonts > Geotica

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Yep, holidays Jos, back to the UK end Sept then will get to work on finishing one of these fonts, really hoping to have something done by the end of the year! They take a while, yes? All best :)

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Looking forward to see what you will choose to finish :) Enjoy the few days left there!

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We want a t-shirt! ;^P

Really nice work, Jos.

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Ha :) thanks!

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In the 1970s, it would have been day […]

Hmm… Yes Chris, but it would have been something different. And it would have involved a kind of work which maybe wouldn't have been merely "routine", since you could have changed your mind while working on it.

I no longer like the overall feeling of letters built by an excess of basic geometry. That's why I'm still struggling with some of my experiments… :-)

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Yes, Claudio, I learned to love what spilled opaque would do and to see the thrilling happenings of shape when films fell on each other on a light table. It was a different world but still an exciting world of discovery--different than today but with the same opportunities if you looked for them ;-)

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I just got my copy of the book "Creative Characters" and there is an interesting "Character" beginning on page 38 ;-)

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Hey, somehow missed your comment... still haven't recieved my copy.

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Give them a call, published author ;-P

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I'll send a someone an email :)

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