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Hello everyone,

we made a script for automatic font family naming in FontLab and I want to share with you.

Maybe some of you find it useful. We use it mostly for big families.
It’s relative simple to use. Documentation is included.

This script changes the font names of all opened fonts for the use as font families.

Example family:
My Family
– Light
– Light Italic
– Regular
– Italic
– Bold
– Bold Italic
– ExtraBold
– ExtraBold Italic

The naming method will also split up the family into single-font-families in the font menu in non-OT-savvy Windows applications.

The script is based on Karsten Luecke “Font Naming, Scheme [B], Page 7/8, Version 1.02” (See documentation at his website) but with some important changes:
a) The script will style-link italic styles
b) The use of "Regular" and "Regular Italic" in "Font Family" is now removed

You can download the script here at Cape Arcona: CA Font Fam­ily Nam­ing [B].py
Needles to say that FontLab Studio 5.0.3 or later and RoboFab is required.

UPDATE: RoboFab is not required anymore!
UPDATE: The script will style-link italic styles
UPDATE [20 Oct 2010]: The use of "Regular" and "Regular Italic" in "Font Family" was removed

Hope you like it.

Thomas / Cape Arcona Type Foundry

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Update: The script now processes all opened font instead of just one font.

Thomas / Cape Arcona Type Foundry

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I swear I've read the Readme file and followed all instructions. I also have the latest Robofab installed and I run scripts daily but...
when I try to run both scripts I get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 77, in ?
AttributeError: 'RInfo' object has no attribute 'styleMapStyleName'

Any idea?



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Did you update to the latest RoboFab version?

See also:

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Yes, I did install this one >> RoboFab 1.2 rev.217 Installer for OSX, FontLab 5.0x.
this morning. Should I maybe restart the mac? Mmmhhh...

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Aloha RamiroE,

I’m not sure about it... I also use the same RoboFab Version (on OS X) and it works for me... :-/

Hmm... at the moment, I’m working on the same script WITHOUT the necessity of a RoboFab installation, to be more precise, Karsten Luecke worked on it. :-) But we need to test it first before I wanna release it. Give us one or two days for an update, please.


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Thanks, Thomas and Karsten!

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I will check again tomorrow I share results...

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Hello everyone,

finally the script is now updated and RoboFab is not necessary anymore. Sorry that it took so long.
We also added support for style-link italic styles to font families.
There is also an instruction PDF inside the zip that should explain everything.
Hopefully some of you find the script useful.

CA Font Fam­ily Nam­ing [B].py Version 0.981


Thomas / Cape Arcona Type Foundry

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If the font is the regular weight (book, normal and regular), the script neither should add the string Regular/Normal/Book to the Family name, nor to the Font name, nor to the Full name.

However, thanks! I don’t need it, because I know, how to name fonts, but nevertheless I like it, if people don’t want to have money for each and everything.

And 231 lines, from which 74 are comment, is not long in my opinion. Or did I misunderstand you?

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I'm fine without the script, but if I used it, I'd sure like to be able to style-link bolds as well. At the very least to the regular weight, but preferably to any/all. Of course, that runs one into more limitations in typical Windows apps....



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Hello everybody,

we made some smaller improvements to the script, removed the adding of "Regular" and "Regular Italic" to the "Family Name", since it made some trouble in some applications.

Thanks to everyone for their tips and critique, btw.
Here is the new version:

CA Font Fam­ily Nam­ing [B].py Version 0.990


Thomas / Cape Arcona Type Foundry

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