I WANT YOU: a FREE art magazine

I WANT YOU magazine’s focus is to highlight artists’ work rather than dilute its impact by enforcing editorial perspective. Each page of the print edition consists of a single large format image from a series of each artist’s work and a url that leads you to their feature on iwantyoumagazine.com. I Want You magazine features a broad range of artists from around the world, exclusive art work, and spotlights on forgotten or overlooked artists.

Issue 4 Features:
Christian Petersen / Syoichiro Nishimoto / Jeffrey Meyer / Mark Owen / Conny Prantera / Duncan Malashock / Hisham Bharoocha / Lydia Anne McCarthy / Ryan Riss / Black Lodge / Frank Correa & Nick Bartoletti / Christian Usera / Rossina Bossio / davidope / Bettina Chanel / Chantal Young / Ben Branagan / Stellar Om Source
Includes poster by Devon Varmega, and 7″ record with exclusive tracks from Shabazz Palaces and Stellar Om Source.

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