Sounds of Saturn

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Looking for any comments on the type and mark.

Type is Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed.


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I do not think the condensed type is harmonizing with the shape of the planet. Next to the perfect circle of the planet, the type feels squooshed.

Do you have any more info on who/what this is for? Feedback is much easier to give if we know what you're trying to accomplish.

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It is for a band called Sounds of Saturn. The name comes from the now famous audio recordings of Saturn's rings.
One of my thoughts was to cut a hole in the middle of the planet, so that it would look more like a record or CD, however that really kills any feeling of dimension created by the rings.
They wanted to keep the mark fairly simply and straightforward. Nothing specific was set about the type, so I am open to all kinds of suggestions.
Type is definitely my weakest skill, so I love to hear suggestions!

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As for type, depending on the style of the band, you could try either a still more techno/sci-fi look, or trying to match the O either with the circle of the planet or the ellipse of the rings.
Also, in order to lighten the relative blackness of the planet, you could try to incorporate a S into the circle shape.

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If you keep the planet solid a round heavy geometric type might work very well. Depends on what kinda band it is as well. If it's a rock band you might want a type that's more aggressive then this.

If the symbol is gonna be this simple I would make it a lot smaller, there's is no need for it to be this big when there is nothing more in it. I would make it slightly smaller then the type and have some nice details in the type instead.

I would try making soundwaves out of the rings but this might night work so well. What riccard0 suggests with the S in the planet might work, this would diminish the blackness of the whole thing.

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there's is no need for it to be this big when there is nothing more in it.

Paul Ducco

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Thank you all for the feedback, it's most appreciated!
Here is a revision based on what I've read. . .

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much better.

I would even use something more geometric than this. Where the other letters like 'S', 'U' and 'N' follow the 'O'.

There is also a possability to create some combination between the mark and the word "OF". You could have the rings on the right side transfer into the 'F' somehow. Might make the whole thing more interesting.

Right now it does look better than before but I still feel that it's a bit boring.

just my two cents


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