Vintage font ID needed. Tough one?

I'm trying to identify the "typed" font used on this form. It's an assembly line "build sheet" used by Ford back in the sixties. Several of these forms accompanied each car (in this case a 1963 Thunderbird), and the assembly line workers used them to identify which options to install as the car moved down the line. I've been unable to find it after hours of searching - any help would be much appreciated!


It bears some similarities (although not many) with teletype print, but most likely it's a typeface developed specifically for "chain train" printers, and not something from a specimen book, and hence not likely to be a subject of revival...

This is a machine typeface that likely never got digitized. It lived inside a machine and it never got out.

There are plenty of fonts that try to capture this mechanical feel.

Restraining Order even has that seductive 8!

Also see...

State Evidence

Military Document


Urgent Telegram

Customs Paperwork

Thank you! "Restraining Order" is perfect for the numbers 5,6,7,8,9, and 0, and I already have "letters.ttf" which matches 1,2,3,4 and the alphabet very nicely. Five through zero was the big hangup, and you solved that one. Thanks again!

No problem. Best of luck forging those documents!