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Italic Display advice


I am involved in a project in which I have the need for an oblique UC display font. I am looking for a display font that is fairly dark and is a true slanted roman (no decoration on the J or Y which I seem to see in many UC Italic fonts.)

I am also looking for a font with a particular style of "A"--I am not sure if these have a name, but an "A" wherein the right-hand stroke is angled like the stem of a B, F, L etc.

The closest I have come so far would be Font Bureau's Farnham Display. Attached is its italic UC. My only complaints with it are its J and Y and that I am looking for something that has smoother serif bracketing, but not a didone.

I feel like this should be fairly easy to find but for some reason can't dig anything up. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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try looking for some Fleischman revivals, thats what Farnham is, I believe.
Also, Farnham Text Italic has normal looking J's and Y's, although the A is less dramatic.