(x) GE imagination cubed - GE Inspira (custom typeface) {John N}

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i'm looking for the header font used on www.imagination3.com

any ideas?


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This is GE Inspira, a custom font done for GE.

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thank you sir!

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More info here

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That's a wonderful thing.

Has it been around long?

I'm just off to work so I haven't got time to find out at the moment.

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Has it been around long?
MIke Abbink at Wolff Olins did the finishing work on the typeface, earlier this summer. Not a bad attempt for a corporate font, albeit in line with Wolff Olins

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I don't care for rounded terminals at all. And I find the GE-font rather too "artsy" and fashionable. Reading longer texts in smaller sizes will make you feel that you need to visit an optician.
On the other hand, I think Mr Spiekerman's new creation is an an excellent take on the classic Grotesk. I'd use it in a whif instead of the poor digitizations of Franklin and Akzidenz that are commonly available.
BTW: the imagination3 site is wonderful!

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It's always great to see a real pro chiming in here from time to time!

I'm a sucker for the rounded terminals, although I wonder if it's almost too cute at times. We'll have to see what the eventual shelf life of it is.

Great work, as usual, on the Bosch typface...

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