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New weights for Tomate

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Joined: 1 Aug 2002 - 9:32am
New weights for Tomate

Our award-winning 'Tomate' is one of our best sellers and we have always felt it deserved to be expanded into a real type family.

In its 2 years of existence 'Tomate' has been the typeface of choice in a large variety of packaging designs, where its friendly and joyful character plays an important role in making products attractive and sellable.

Today we are introducing the 'Tomate family'; 4 weights ranging from Light to Black, with improved contours and expanded kerning, plus and alternative 'g'.

Last but not least, the price of individual weights has been lowered from $55 to $45. Enjoy!

The Tomate type family can be purchased at www.re-type.com