Hyphenation & Justification In Web Browsers, on AListApart

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An article (by me) about Hyphenation & Justification in web browsers - H&J on the web and in e-books, called The Look That Says Book published on AListApart today.
Please check out the article and the examples (intentionally rudimentary - very basic. Check them out in print preview mode, too.)
Especially grateful for comments - I'm looking very much to gauge the mood of design community on this.


Richard Fink

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It would have been nice if you'd built a better case for H&J. Seems as if your primary argument is H&J = "user expectations".

Also would have been nice to call on browser makers to build hyphenation support into browsers so that page authors can avoid having to use the hacks you document.

Cheers, Si

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Nice article Richard. I've been trying to persuade our web team of the benefits of shy and zws for ages (long URLs in reference lists that are wider than the text block area are the bane of anyone checking online versions of academic articles...); I'll direct their attention to that hyphenator.js project page!

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