ITF Introduces Kohinoor, a super type family supporting Latin, Devanagari and Tamil

Hello Everyone!

The Indian Type Foundry is proud to present Kohinoor, a new super type family supporting Latin, Devanagari and Tamil, three of the most commonly used writing scripts of India.

Kohinoor is an elegant low contrast typeface suitable for both body and display text. It comes in 5 upright styles, and where available also with corresponding Italics. As all ITF fonts, Kohinoor is a Unicode-compliant font and has full support for the conjuncts and ligatures.

Kohinoor's Bengali, Gujarati and Gurmukhi versions will be available in 2011.

Thank you!

Satya Rajpurohit
The Indian Type Foundry

And yes, we have a brand new website as well:

/ Kohinoor Devanagari

/ Kohinoor Latin

/ Kohinoor Tamil

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Congrats Satya!

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