(x) American Eagle - Radio, Clarendon, Gill Sans {Eduardo, Y}

I’m searching for any of the fonts used on the american eagle website (http://www.ae.com) The one i’m really looking for is the “american summer” script font at http://www.ae.com/aestyle/ if somebody could PLEASE help me ID any of the fonts — also if anybody has any suggestions for how to distress and create the “stamped” look for the fonts — thanks guys hope you can help!!


Dangerboy, it’s been a while since I’ve applied this
Photoshop trick, so I’ll have to try some stuff out
first. I’ll post a mini-tutorial tomorrow.

hi yves,

buscemi is very cool!!!

samba rules :-)

I just wish you Yves good luck in releasing Troubleman’s album.
Thanks for the tips on Belgian bands. I’ve read good things
about Hooverphonic and dEUS, but I didn’t know they are from
yer lands. I’ll definitively check them out.

Heinrich, I tell ya samba and Brazilian music in general has great
stuff. But, these days, I think the best Brazilian music is being
done by non-Brazilians. I tell ya this because I live here in Brazil
and I feel that way. There’s too much nostalgia around here.

Well, I still think Amon Tobin and DJ Marky (at the
top of my head) kick major a$$. And I guess there
must be more of them.

As for Buscemi: he’s gotten SO much better since he
incorporated the Latin elements in his music. Damn
right, Heinrich!

Yves, Marky hit big time with “LK” last year here, but
Tobin is completely *ignored* around here. Anyway, I
think you’d have to live here to feel what I meant. ;-)
It’s just too complex to explain it here…

eduardo you have right, the new club music with brazililian flavour from europe and japan is great. do you know jazzanova?

Hello there Tom,

Here’s the Adobe Photoshop mini-tutorial for distressing type in order to
achieve a “stamped” look. This little trick I developped almost a decade
ago, so I hope I remember it all correctly.

Create whatever type composition you need in Illustrator or directly in
Photoshop. Just remember to keep the resolution fairly low, because
we’re going to need pixel texture halfway through. I created this example
in Illustrator using House Gothic 23 ThreeD Fill at 72pt/64pt on a
360x180pt canvas and opened it in Photoshop as a grayscale image at
72 ppi.


Select the black type areas with the magic wand or using an alpha
channel based on your piece (Duplicate channel…: Black: invert ->
Select…: Load selection: Black copy: new selection)
This prevents you
from mucking up the white background.

Apply a High Pass to “eat away” the insides of the characters (Filter:
Other: High Pass…)
Play a bit with the slider: for the example I set the
Radius to 10 pixels and applied it twice.



Apply a fair amount of Gaussian noise to achieve the “grainy” texture.
(Filter: Noise: Add Noise…: Gaussian) For the example the slider was
set to an amount of 50.



Increase to desired resolution by resampling. (Image: Image size…:
resample image)
I trippled the resolution from 72ppi to 216ppi.

Diffuse the image to mask remaining bitmapping of the character shapes
(Filter: Stylize: Diffuse…) and apply a Gaussian blur of 1 pixel to remove
the tiny pixels created by the Diffuse filter. (Filter: Blur: Gaussian


Increase the brightness and contrast until you reach the desired amount
of “inking”. (Image: Adjust…: Brightness/Contrast) I set both sliders to


Treshold the image to prepare for conversion to a bitmap image. Here
you can also play bit with the slider until you reach the desired amount
of “inking”. (Image: Adjust…: Treshold) I set the slider halfway. (128)


Here’s what it looks like from up close: the effect is perfectly random.


Convert to a bitmap image (Image: Mode: Bitmap…: 50% treshold),
save as TIFF and import in your lay-out software of choice (InDesign
rewlz!) Et voil

Hard work ‘:P

You got what I meant, Heinrich. But sorry, I don’t know Jazzanova.
I’m more into rock/pop/indie stuff, and, fortunately, despite all difficulties,
we’ve seen really good acts coming out recently from these lands.

Nice tutorial, Yves! :-D

Heinrich, I tell ya samba and Brazilian music in general has great
stuff. But, these days, I think the best Brazilian music is being
done by non-Brazilians. I tell ya this because I live here in Brazil
and I feel that way. There’s too much nostalgia around here.

The best Brazilian samba is still being made where it always was: in

RADIO by Magnus Rakeng | 3 Weights from Thirstype


Radio by Magnus Rakeng, distributed by Thirstype.

the website you linked also use Clarendon, Gill Sans (menu) and Garamond (for “American Eagle Outfitters”).

Hi Eduardo, sorry I missed you last night on the
chat. ‘s Funny to “bump” into each other today. ;)

Tom, I can teach you a trick in Photoshop to
simulate the “stamped” effect.

BTW Tom, with a Username like that, I suppose
you’re auditioning for a position as my sidekick,
I presume?
Troubleman and Dangerboy, the boy wonder! =D

Flawless ID by the way Eduardo. Smooth.

Thanks Yves, but you deserve some credit too, hence we’ve got clearly cross-posted here. ;-)

Btw, I know it’s been a long time, but I’d like to comment about Troubleman’s “Coming from the Summer”. Sorry for the delay.
I’ve been listening to it a few times, and I think it’s really great. And well-produced too. Somehow it reminds of Pixies, but I don’t know exactly why. Maybe that’s just me. ;-) Anyway, are you going to release it through some independent label there? And are there any good bands from Belgium these days? I remember reading about a band named “Ks Choice”, iirc, from Belgium, but I don’t know much about it.

Hey Troubleman — Hook me up with some hints for Photoshop so i can get some distressing & stamp stuff going on…oh and i’m already a hero in my own right lol thanks…

Dammit, I knew it was Radio, but I kept thinking “Red”. Stephen probably knows why.

THX Eduardo for the comments on the song. We’re
looking for somebody to release it because after two
years of recording and producing the CD, we’re
completely broke. Let’s just keep our fingers
crossed and hope somebody in the music industry
decides to invest some in this band.

The Pixies reference is not too far off: we
started as a very solid rock, even punkish band,
but nowadays we’ve diversified our repertoire.

There are certainly a number of good bands in
Belgium, and some of them even enjoy international
acclaim: K’s Choice, Hooverphonic, Buscemi, dEUS,
Dead Man Ray etc…