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What are the best examples of text typesetting you've seen?

Who makes them?

I guess I'm asking because I consider myself a typesetter more than a designer. It seems as though I'm willing to put more faith (and time) into math than my designer friends, and more scrutiny into subtle, compound measurements that change the feel of a text. I think about texts from the textblock outward, rather than from the layout inward. I start a project by choosing a typeface, because most other decisions grow from that.

And I am looking for some role models.

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I like the design of the Motion Mountain series of books -- an enjoyable combination of type, text, color, and illustrations.
An example of a designer with "too much time on his hands" ;-). It seems every single page has been thought about.

I'd love to have a hard bound version, printed on a heavy bright white stock.

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Your link ended in ".ne" instead of ".net", so I had to Google. But the fact that these books are a free downloadable physics textbook - in addition to being beautiful - gladdens my heart, as it is a contribution to global education. Well, at least where the English language is spoken, which, admittedly, is where the need is least.

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Now how did I do that...? Correction: http://www.motionmountain.net/.

I'm also prejudiced to like the text: apart from being colorful, large (A4!), and generally very nicely designed, I'm very attracted to physics (physically, I guess) and at the very least able to understand what all the fuzz is about :-)

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I do see an unfortunate mistake.

The book claims to be copyright 2009, the second year of the 29th Olympiad. 2009 AD is the first year of the 697th Olympiad. What he actually means is the second year of the 29th Olympiad of the modern series.

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Thanks, Theunis! Looks like an intense and intricate text. I appreciate your thoughts about the format, too.

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