Is this a commercial version of DIN 1451?

I followed a link from Wikipedia's article on DIN 1451 to this very broken-looking site containing downloads of public domain traffic signage fonts. They all appear to be so, except one download that I'm not sure about, this German one, which contains DIN 1451. Here's a sample image, metrically kerned. So, is this a commercial version of DIN 1451? Thanks!

(I didn't know if I should plop this here, in Release, or in General. Sorry if this isn't the right one.)


Well, there are commercial versions of DIN.

Yup. Though the site says it's a public domain version, to me, it looks suspiciously professional, so I wanted to know if I'm using illegally uploaded commercial fonts. Do you suspect this to be the case?

Basically the design of DIN is public domain whereas specific digitizations may not be. Judging from the sample image this could be a custom digitization. The Engschrift doesn’t look all that good.
I don’t think this is a commercial version. I could be wrong.

Of note, four of the six fonts (all but Alte Din) offered in the above download are lacking the "name" table.