(x) Craft book

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How about this one?
Or something similar is there a foundry that
specialises in this sort of thing?
craft book

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It's similar to Eckmann, by Otto Eckmann...

still looking...

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If you're looking for similar stuff, go to MyFonts and type in artnouveau and art deco in the search field.

Also, both Letterhead Fonts and Scriptorium do quite a lot of typefaces like these.

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I found it in an ancient Letraset catalog as Tip Top.

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Also try http://www.woodentypefonts.com/. But I find the 3D distracting.

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Thanks Yves the scriptorium site has some cool stuff on it that i hadn't seen before.
Christopher thank you also.
What great name for a font Tip Top. Over here in the U.K. there is a brand of ice lollies (popcicles?) that share the same name.

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Yes House's Simian scroll is very much in the same vein. Thanks Stephen.

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Nice ideas here. And leave it to Chris to find it undigitized.
Simian Scroll from House Industries immediately came to mind.

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