Combination: Zapfino and Greek font

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Hello all,

I'm having a problem and hopefully you type-wizards want to help me out...
I've been asked to design a birth announcement, the father is Dutch and the mother is Greek so the announcement should be bilingual.
I'm already using Zapfino but can't find a font that has Greek characters and matches Zapfino.

Does someone have suggestions or hints how I should handle this?

A big thanks in advance,

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In theory, you could find a strong Greek typeface that contrast with Zapfino.
But, for one, Zapfino tends to steal the scene from pretty much anything and, on the other hand, I don’t think that contrast is the best way to match typefaces for a wedding! ;-)

One of the few swashy scripts that support Greek is Champion Script:

Alternatively, you could find several less flamboyant typefaces still suitable for a wedding:

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It's for a birth announcement so I was thinking of using Zapfino for the name of the girl, obviously the most important element of this piece. But you would suggest a different font? I like the look and feeling of Zapfino, swashy but not too swashy, hard to explain, totally different from a font like Champion script or Bickham script.
Just discovered the combination of Zapfino (Dutch) and Rotis (Greek and Dutch) seems ok at first sight.

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Sorry, don't know how I ended thinking it was a wedding...

Which Rotis, by the way?

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Rotis semi serif.
I was thinking of using a non serif like Frutiger but that made it too modern.

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