FontLab features and InDesign

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Hello, i'm a new FontLab user. I made an opentype font with features but some of these aren't compatible with InDesign (for example: fina). There is a features list compatible with InDesign?? Or i'm in mistake? Someone can tell me what's the problem? thanks for the answers!

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You might find a more up to date list somewhere else, but this shloud get you started.

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Nowadays InDesign does support .fina
CHARACTER>OpenType>Positional Forms>Final Form

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>>Nowadays InDesign does support .fina<<

Craig, which versions?

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I'm looking at it in CS4. Googled pages suggest it worked in CS3, too, at least.

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The fina feature definetely works in Indesign CS3. But as far as I can see it does not work in Indesign CS2.

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Thanks to everyone for the answers! I solved the problem. I didn't go the Opentype palette to set Final form.

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