Redesign of a cultural promotion office logo

This is the ongoing project for an office that works on the promotion of cultural events in Brazil. I am working alone so, it would be very nice if you guys could help with some words. Thanks a lot.

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you're going to have to tell us a bit more than that.

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This office promotes cultural projects, mainly music concerts, offering support to the artists and providing the necessary structure for to event to happen, including media planning and graphic design. Target is visual educated: artists, promoters, students, liberal workers, 15-35y.o. The name refers to transpiration: "...we will be glad to sweat in order to make your event happen..." and the typography tries to suggest the sweat drop going down (see "a" ball) but it drops diagonally because of the speed the work is beeing done. Making cultural events oftenly become heavy hand made work... and always in a hurry! ...but anyway, the result must be art.

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The small one is way better than the other one...too swashy with a weak tag-line.

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I agree, there's something about the top one that (with a little tweaking). I don't think anyone will get the 'concept' behind it...but do they need to? I initially thought the word was more closely connected with the "something to occur/happen" definition rather than 'sweating'...but whatever you choose.

The second one is difficult to read.

They're two very different directions.

I question why you've displayed them at such different scales.



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Thanks guys... the point is that this project is a redesign. The first logo is the original design and its both typefaces already exisits. The second (big) one was drawn based on the concept I mentioned above (and its secondary type is Museo).

Some people read "v" insteado of "t" on the new type. Could you point other problems?

Thanks again...

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why are you redesigning?

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The company changed completely. The staff changed and the agreement with the last designer did not allow the office to keep using the visual id. The office is moving for another building and openning new branches of activities. They used not to work that hard on coomunication and design, for example... it is an expanding moment and their presence tends to be more solid in the country, as well as the logotype.

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I like the energy in the redesign -- but it needs a lot of help in the readability department. The "T" needs to stand out more. The "p" needs a proper descender, which will force you to deal with the tag line, where the loose tracking isn't working anyway.

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Thanks Dtronic... i guess you got the point. i took this double challenge with these unusual "T" and "p". i wonder how clear they are for the kind of experienced audience we deal in this situation...

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Just consider that redesign does not mean a complete change: as an option, you could instead tweak the old logo.

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