italic serif from french paperback book Editions Gallimard, folio classique (copyrighted 1973 and 1995)

I'm trying to identify a font used in the body text of Les Misérables I by Victor Hugo, from a "folio classique", Edition d'Yves Gohin, ISBN 2-07-040922-8, copyrighted 1973 and 1995.

The most unique thing about this font is the italic "f", which has a slightly curved, almost straight edge on the bottom. This characteristic alone eliminates most famous serif fonts, I think. Also, the italic "b", ""d", "l" letters begin from the top with a curved, tapered hook. The italic "z" resembles the Times, as well as the italic "v".

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It looks like New Aster.

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Indeed, it does look exactly like New Aster!

Thank you so much!

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