Identification of two car magazines covers

I'm trying to identify the font used in Performance Auto & Sound, all the fonts seen in the images.

Logo -
Block Title -
Body Copy -

Secondly, Modified mag.

Masthead -
Title (also seems to be body copy and subtitles?) -

I appreciate it!


The font in the second image for Performance Auto & Sound is Geogrotesque.

Modified uses Soho for its coverlines (first image) and for the subhead in the second image.

#1 Performance: Looks like Impact. The ampersand seems to be from elsewhere. The web-url is Handel Gothic.
#2 looks like Geogrotesque from Emtype.
#3: The Slab looks like Soho from Seb Lester.
#4: The multiline looks like Thri from Sparkytype

Don't know the others …

EDIT: Oops, Marc was a tad faster.