Please critique my logo concepts

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Please critique my logo concepts

a little bit of info on the company: is an a new, innovative web development company that provides dynamic web solutions and functionalities such as E-Commerce, blog development, dynamic image gallery, CMS and any custom .NET web programming. We are looking for a logo that would represent our innovative, yet simple to use web solutions we develop.


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"Good ideas rarely come in bunches. The designer who voluntarily presents his client with a batch of layouts does so not out prolificacy, but out of uncertainty or fear."
— Paul Rand

The first advice I could give you is to narrow it down to two/three possibilities.

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Alaskan (not verified)

First of all, you might really regret using double x's in the company name. It's likely to cause all kinds of search engine problems, not to mention give people pause before visiting your website. Overcoming the x-rated connotation of "xx" isn't something I'd want to deal with as a new company.

That said, none of the logos stand out. Sorry, but they're all web 2.0 glassy cliches. Oh, and whatever you do - with the xx, don't use this one. It evokes....ah....well, the manparts of a smurf.

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@alaskan I think you are referring to 'xxx'. Double xx's in my opinion are common and don't care a pornographic overtone. initial things that come to mind are the beer, sexing in chromosomes, and the roman numeral 20. also there is a band i think, XX

Stick with the double x. just don't add anymore.

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They all look like very generic 'web 2.0' logos any $50 logo web site produces.

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I agree, none of your options are very inspirational looking. They all feel super web "cheap & chinsy".

I feel it's more due to the fact that they have that plastic 3D logotype design, using the apple 'glassy' appearance. It doesn't translate well to your logo, and gives a real 2000's web 2.0 cachet, which puts me off to all of the options. I see what you were trying to go for, but I just don't think you should push the company's image in that direction, I think they'd probably want something flatter and more defined.

Hope that helps-

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I think it is safe to say this is not resonating with us. :) But how many other ideas have you tried? These are all basically the same idea in slightly different arrangements.

"Mad" and "box" give you quite a lot to work with. Why not give another couple ideas a go and post them here again! I for one would be interested to see what else you've got.

I could get you started with the obvious idea of a red box, and he's maaaaddd... ;)

You could also try for something simpler, and perhaps a reference to what you do? Code has all kinds of cool conventions that make good typographical ideas.