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Hello. I've been a long time lurker, so I've finally decided to join in and get advice. I've been into fonts ever since I was a kid, especially those from logos. I design my own by shaping them on PowerPoint and transferring the glyphs to High-Logic's Font Creator Program.

Thus far I've done some modernized fonts based on the classic "Press Your Luck" logo; one is regular and the other is extended, but I have some fine-tuning to do (the corners of the letters are rounded or beveled, which I don't want). Ray Larabie is known for recreating fonts from logos, and though this is a parody in the same vein, do I need to seek legal permission before publishing the font?

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You may want to take a look at this:

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Oh wow! Okay, thanks for informing me. Rekord is a nice set and the characters are definitely too close for comfort. I do have some original sets in the work, and I'd appreciate everyone's critique in the near future.

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Usually a reference like that means "it's useful to see what others have done in this vein while you develop yours." Anybody who wants to say "this is too similar to another face to be worthwhile" will say so very explicitly. We can distinguish Helvetica from Aksidenz Grotesk around here, so apart from the odd troll it's very rare anyone expresses that conclusion. Maybe it's not super-original, but if you feel like doing it, let the market decide... You never know, someone could come in here tomorrow or years from now, like they do every day, and ask "I like Rekord and Orbitron but neither is quite what I need for what I'm doing; I want something really really square. What do you recommend?"

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As Kevin (cerulean) said. Sorry for my terseness.

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Oh, no problem! Again, I appreciate the help and I will post more fonts (including updates on this one) for critique in the very near future.

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